Tourist Stamps VII


Kayaking tours on sea and lakes enjoy increased popularity among tourists arriving in Iceland. Many Icelandic fjords are well suited for such tours providing shelter and offering sights of rich animal life along the coast. Seals and birds can be watched in close proximity from a kayak, providing a unique way of enjoying and appreciating natural beauty. Tourist services specializing in such tours around Iceland offer tourists an opportunity of nature watching. Short trips are the usual way of taking tourists bird and seal watching.

Caving tours are an interesting choice for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a new outlook on Icelandic nature. Such tours require good preparation and reliable guidance. Caves are often found in remote lava fields known by only a few. Stalactites and many other fragile rock formations can be found in these caves. The Icelandic Speleological Society provides information on caves and caving tours. The cave photo on the stamp was taken in Þríhnúkahellir, a gigantic magma chamber which is considered to be one of the largest and most remarkable natural phenomena of its kind in the world.