Personalised Stamps


Norway – This decade can on many accounts be called the “me” decade or the “look-at-me” era. In 2006, this trend had already been developing for a few years, but the launch of Facebook was like adding fuel to the fire. Taking a selfie, i.e. a self-portrait with the camera that is then uploaded to social media, has been trendy for a long time. The first personalised stamps were also introduced in 2006, and they are steadily growing in popularity.

Svalbard is one of the places where personalised stamps have become particularly popular, and the post office in Longyearbyen sells countless stamps with polar bear motifs. In Tromsø, northern lights tourism has been behind the upswing in personalised stamps. Among the companies that have their own personalised stamps, the Hurtigruten coastal steamer is one of the largest.

  • 20.04.2018
  • Kristin Slotterøy
  • Joh. Enschedé Security Print
  • Offset
  • Domestic – Europe