Year of the Rooster

Gibraltar – The year of Rooster begins on the 28th January 2017 and finishes on the 15th February 2018. The Rooster (or Chicken) occupies the 10th position among the Chinese zodiac animals. In Chinese culture, the Rooster represents fidelity and punctuality,Read More

Chinese New Year – Year of the rooster

Estonia – Starting from 2011 a series of postage stamps is issued. This year’s stamp is the seventh of the series and is dedicated to the Year of the Rooster which begins on January 28. Chinese astrology has twelve animal figuresRead More

The twelve Chinese astrological signs

France – Booklet of 12 postage stamps stickers at the price of the green letter representing the 12 Chinese astrological signs. It is the artist LI Zhongyao who created for the French Post the twelve drawings, in the ancestral spirit, onRead More