The Romanian Blouse, Unity in Spirit

Romania – In the Centenary year of the 1918 Great Union, Romfilatelia introduces into circulation the postage stamp issue The Romanian Blouse, unity in spirit, dedicated to the most important piece of the traditional Romanian female costume. The stamps ofRead More

Cultural Anniversaries 2018

Romania – In the Centenary year of the Great Union from 1918, Romfilatelia honors Romania’s cultural values through the postage stamp issue Cultural Anniversaries 2018: “George Enescu” Philharmonic Bucharest, 150 years; Romanian Athenaeum, 130 years; “George Enescu” Festival, 60 years. On the three stampsRead More

The Islamic Community of Lisbon

Portugal – The Islamic Community of Lisbon (Comunidade Islâmica de Lisboa – CIL) was established in 1968 (Government Gazette no. 83, Series III of 6 April 1968) by a group of young Muslim students from the former Portuguese colonies whoRead More

Traditional Sweets of Portugal

Portugal – The tradition of making sweets from legumes combined with the ubiquitous bitterness of almonds was already well established long before the arrival of beans into Portuguese kitchens from the Americas. Appearing in the Tratado de Cozinha e CopaRead More

Popular Culture – The 1960s

Jersey is a picturesque island situated just off the coast of France and as such has long been a haven for tourists. Known in the 1960s as the ‘Honeymoon Island’, local politician Cyril Le Marquand described Jersey’s tourism industry asRead More

2018 Year of the Dog

Intro Chinese New Year celebrations begin 16 February 2018, and according to the traditional Chinese lunar calendar is the Year of the Dog. New Zealand Post has created a special stamp, gold-sheet and medallion issue to celebrate. Issue Information TheRead More

Lunar New Year – Year of the Dog 2018

Jersey – The third issue in our Lunar New Year stamp series celebrates the lunar Wuxu year (2018) which is the Year of the Dog. In Chinese culture, dogs represent dedication to hard work, loyalty and faithfulness. People love themRead More

12 months, 12 stamps – Soria

Spain – Soria is the new province that continues the series 12 months, 12 stamps, 12 provinces. This stamp, will be used as the only type of postage for all shipments that are admitted in the offices of said province.Read More

Grande Bourse 2017

Monaco – An unmissable gathering of coin, medal, stamp and postcard dealers and collectors, the 25th Grande Bourse will be held on Sunday 3 December at the Hotel Méridien Beach Plaza. Issue Date: 21.08.2017 Designer: VAN KLAVEREN Process: Offset Size: 30 x 40,85 mm vertical

Sepac 2017 – Lokal Crafts

Aland – This year’s Sepac stamp shows handmade jewellery from Åland On 17 August, Åland Post promotes locally manufactured jewellery made from recycled material. This is a stamp in the series of Sepac stamps issued by the small European postalRead More

Dutch Treats

  Netherlands – On 19 June 2017, PostNL issued the Dutch Treats stamp sheetlet. A sheetlet of ten stamps, each with a Nederland 1 value denomination, depicting the delicacies of different towns and regions throughout the Netherlands. The sheetlet will depict theRead More

Sepac 2017 – Traditional Handcrafts

Malta – The culture, history and also the traditional handcrafts of Malta are a legacy of the various powers that ruled over these Islands throughout the centuries. These inspired the development of those skills necessary to support various activities notRead More