Europa 2020 – Ancient Postal Routes – Set

In place since the times of ancient kingdoms, states and empires, the postal routes have been essential for bringing governments and societies closer together throughout history. Former trade routes marked by posts and resting places enabled couriers and messengers toRead More

Charming Towns 2020 – First Day Cover

The stamps are centred around the towns of Ciudad Rodrigo, Morella, Tejeda and Valverde de los Arroyos, which make up the front pages of these cards. Each one of the four self-adhesive stamps features a symbol of these charming townsRead More

Charming Towns

Spain – For the third year running, Correos is issuing this series of stamps dedicated to the charming towns that make up our country’s geography and whose depictions will be travelling around the world on shipments despatched from Spain. ThisRead More

Disello 2017

Spain – For the fourth consecutive year, Correos has held its National Stamp Design Contest, which promotes the value of stamps as a medium of artistic expression, for telling stories and passing on culture, in addition to their obvious roleRead More

75 Anniversary INI-SEPI

Spain – The Spanish State-owned Industrial Holdings Company was created in 1995 to manage public-held industrial holdings from the National Institute of Industry (INI), created in 1941 as an institutional support to promote the development of industry in Spain, andRead More

12 months, 12 stamps – Soria

Spain – Soria is the new province that continues the series 12 months, 12 stamps, 12 provinces. This stamp, will be used as the only type of postage for all shipments that are admitted in the offices of said province.Read More

World Heritage Urban Centres – Granada

Spain – If there is a city full of charm, known throughout the world for its streets, monuments, its gastronomy, its mountains and its people, that city is Granada. The Alhambra, the Generalife and the Albaicín neighborhood make up theRead More

World Heritage – The Site of the Dólmenes de Antequera

Spain – On 16 July 2016, UNESCO included in its catalog the site of Los Dólmenes de Antequera, which became the first megalithic complex in continental Europe. After years of study the archaeoastronomer Michael Hoskin, of the University of Cambridge, verifiedRead More

The Generation of the 60s

Spain – Last year, Correos began a series dedicated to past generations, making a journey through the great milestones of the recent history of humanity. The 1960s laid the foundations for a new Europe, but above all, for a newRead More

National Day of Spanish Sign Languages

Spain – Civic Values ??are fundamental for coexistence in a society, they are a series of principles that every citizen must comply, respect and share. Correos has been dedicating stamps to values ??such as solidarity, diversity or creativity, reflected inRead More

Millennium of the Fuero de Nájera

Spain – To understand the origin of the Fuero de Nájera, we have to go back to the beginning of the eleventh century. This city of the present province of Logroño, in the middle ages was the capital of theRead More

12 Months, 12 Stamps – Tarragona

Spain – A new stamp becomes part of the series released by Correos this year 2017, 12 months, 12 stamps where the protagonists are the Spanish provinces, whose stamp will be used as the only type of postage for allRead More