Millennium of the Fuero de Nájera


Spain – To understand the origin of the Fuero de Nájera, we have to go back to the beginning of the eleventh century.

This city of the present province of Logroño, in the middle ages was the capital of the Rioja. Sancho el Mayor, king of Navarre, granted a special jurisdiction that was confirmed by the Castilian monarch Alfonso VI when conquering the city in 1076, and later by Alfonso VII, Ferdinand IV and D. Pedro the Cruel, in 1352.

This jurisdiction is the origin of Navarre legislation and the basis of national law.At that time, in Najera coins were minted, one of the first mints of the Christian era. This jurisdiction is known through two versions, one, the Becerro Gótico de San Millán, published by Prudencio de Sandoval, in 1615, and another in Becerro Galicano. They were formed by 13 consensual rules that governed not only in Najera but throughout their land.

These texts and some later, collect the Navarrese right of previous times with a very varied content of private law that provide an almost perfect picture of the society of the time.

Later, the coming monarchs confirmed this jurisdiction. The Castilian kings Alfonso VII in Nájera 13 of May of 1136 did so, expressing that it granted the fuero to Christians and Jews; Fernando IV, in Burgos, 14 of May of 1304; Alfonso XI, also in Burgos, 6 of June of 1332; Pedro I of Castile, in Valladolid, the 15 of January of 1352; Infante D. Sancho, in Valladolid, the 28 of April of 1282; Enrique II, in Burgos, 7 of February of 1367 and Juan II, in Segovia, the 29 of August of 1407 and Valladolid, the 24 of May of 1420.

With the Catholic Monarchs, the practice of confirming local charters was terminated because of their interest in the unity and uniformity of the kingdoms.The stamp collects a composition of images that shows the real capital between the rocks: the present city in color, with the mountain to its back in black and white symbol of the past and the present lived.

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