75th Liberation Day Anniversary – Set

“Hostilities will end officially at one minute after midnight tonight…And our dear Channel Islands are also to be freed today’. So many had longed to hear these words, which were broadcast on the airwaves at 15.00hrs on 8 May 1945.Read More

Harry Potter – Set

Harry Potter, the boy wizard, who more than two decades ago, on his eleventh birthday was whisked onto Platform 93?4 at King’s Cross Station, and readers everywhere were swept along with him into a magical universe, created by J.K. Rowling.InRead More

PRE-ORDER – Romantic Poets – Set

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS ISSUE IS AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER ONLY! ORDERS WILL NOT BE DISPATCHED UNTIL ITS ISSUE DATE 7TH APRIL 2020! On the 250th anniversary of William Wordsworth, born on 7th April 1770 (exactly 250 years to the dayRead More

250 Years Since the Birthday of Ludwig Van Beethoven – Set

Beethoven composed in several musical genres and for a variety of instrument combinations. His works for symphony orchestra include nine symphonies (of which the Ninth Symphony includes a chorus), and about a dozen pieces of “occasional” music. He wrote seven concerti for one or more soloistsRead More

Ludwig Van Beethoven was Born 250 Years Ago – Set

Magyar Posta is issuing a commemorative stamp in honour of the 250th anniversary of the birth of the celebrated German composer Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827). Fifty thousand copies of the stamp designed by the graphic artist Orsolya Kara were producedRead More