The Look of Cats (Green)

France – 6-stamp booklet describing the look of cats. Technical Details Issue Date: 27.02.2017 Designer: Youz Process: Offset Size: 45 x 37 mm (horizontal) Values: €6.60

Anne Morgan 1873 – 1952

France – Philanthropist and pioneer of humanitarianism, the American Anne Tracy Morgan (1873-1952) left a lasting imprint in the department of the Aisne. Daughter of the banker John Pierpont Morgan, one of the richest men in the world, this Francophile tookRead More

River Skorá

Faroes – Things tend to find different rhythms on their own out here in the Atlantic Ocean. The sober and quiet, sometimes seemingly phlegmatic pace characterizing the islanders and their environment, can without further ado turn into frantic action-packed activity. ARead More

Sørvágsvatn / Leitisvatn

Faroes – It goes without saying that a country, where it rains as much and frequently as it certainly does in the Faroes, must have a number of freshwater lakes. Due to the islands’ geological configuration, its steep hills and mountains,Read More

The Eider

Faroes – The Faroes are a seabird country. Magnificent bird cliffs where fulmars, guillemots and similar birds whirl before landing on narrow ledges, provide excellent and dramatic images. This is the country of puffins with grassy hillsides sloping towards the sea,Read More

Natural Dye

Faroes – One of mankind’s most distinctive features is that we are able to change and improve our appearance. This characteristic has a multitude of quite different expressions, most of which have to do with our clothes, the materials, design andRead More

Andorran Diversity – Argentinian Community

Andorra Spain – Andorra is a host country, where many immigrants of different nationalities live.This role of Andorra as a host country as a relevant phenomenon began during the decade of the thirties of the last century, with exiles fleeing firstRead More

Old Circus Carousel stamp

Finaland – Minna Havas, a versatile illustrator and fabric pattern designer, has drawn a carousel horse for a festive, spring-themed stamp. – Old circus aesthetics is very fascinating. It was very inspiring to design the Carousel stamp and the ornamentalRead More

Sound of Silence

Finland – The Calm and tranquil stamps depict Finnish nature in different seasons and are suitable for international postcards and light letters. The sheet designed by Stiina Hovi contains fifteen international no-value indicator stamps. Hovi is an experienced graphic designer,Read More


  Romania – Postcrossing began as a project between friends sharing the same passion. “A postcard is a tangible medium of communication. Unlike emails, which are fast, a postcard is personal… postcards travel around the world, until they get toRead More

Easter – Willow Twigs

Finland – Catkins bring a promise of spring Sending Easter greetings has long traditions, and a postcard with a spring theme is a delight for all recipients. This year, the Easter stamp features a bunch of catkins painted by artistRead More

Summer Flowers

Finland – Summer flowers with an aphorism! Popular postcard artist Anna-Mari West has illustrated the adorable stamp with traditional summer flowers. Her previous work includes the bunny-themed 2016 Easter stamp. – The bunch has at least daisies, red clovers, bluebellsRead More

Estonian National Fish- Baltic Herring

Estonia – The Baltic herring (Clupea harengus membras) is a sub-species of the Atlantic herring that lives in the Baltic Sea. It is mostly about 20 cm long with a silvery lustre and dark bluish green back that has adapted toRead More