12 Months, 12 Stamps – Tarragona


Spain – A new stamp becomes part of the series released by Correos this year 2017, 12 months, 12 stamps where the protagonists are the Spanish provinces, whose stamp will be used as the only type of postage for all shipments admitted in post offices of that province during the month in which it is issued. In this case, the stamp is dedicated to Tarragona. Following the line of this series, the stamp is represented by the letter T, which represents the old vehicle registrations in Spain.

In this letter, some of the most significant elements of the province appear:

Carquinoles, in Catalan carquinyolis or carquinyols, a kind of dry biscuit made with the technique of biscotti, producing a sweet toasted bread, with almonds very typical of Catalonia. To make them you need flour, sugar, whole almonds, egg.

Castell, the famous human towers of several floors of height that has been built traditionally in the Campo de Tarragona, for more than two hundred years. They were declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco.

Avellana de Reus, accounts for 95% of the hazelnut trade of the peninsula. This hazelnut was recognized as D.O. Hazelnut of Reus in 1997.

Amphitheater of Tarraco, building of the II century, located near the sea in a space that had been a funeral area. The steps excavated in the rock, had capacity for about 14,000 spectators, and inside were celebrated the mythical fights of gladiators with wild beasts and also public executions. It is one of the locations of the World Heritage site called “Archaeological Ensemble of Tarraco”.

At the bottom of the stamp appears an image of Playa Larga, located in Salou, is a beach of 600 meters in length of fine sand. Surrounded by woods and with a promenade landscaped with Mediterranean plants and abundant flowers.

The lower strip of red, remembers the flag of the province.

Issue Date: 16.06.2017
Process: Offset
Size: 35 x 24.5 mm
Values: 0.50€