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The Route: Klaksvík – Viðareiði One of the most challenging postal routes on land was Klaksvík – Viðareiði, requiring hardy mail carriers to vanquish one of the most inaccessible mountain areas in the Faroe Islands. Postman Jákup’s Demise On NovemberRead More

Europa 2018

Faroes – Considering the size of the Faroe Islands, it may seem quite strange that infrastructure, transport and logistics, have always constituted some of the islands’ biggest problems. Steep mountain terrain presented great difficulties to wayfarers, straits with violent currentsRead More

Sandsvatn & Toftavatn

Faroes – The surroundings of major Faroese freshwater lakes are generally quite picturesque and Sandsvatn, the island‘s third largest lake on the island of Sandoy, is no exception. Sandur, the island’s largest town, is situated at the southern end ofRead More

Royal Golden Wedding

Faroes –  This year, HM The Queen of Denmark and HRH Prince Henrik celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary. Posta marks this event with the issue of an elegant mini-sheet, which shows a photo of the royal couple without official pomp. TheRead More

Europa 2017

Faroes – Once in a while you have to lay down the cards and decide to pass, realizing that you can’t be in the round simply because you don’t have the right hand of cards. This was the case with theRead More

H.C. Lyngbye

Faroes – The Botanist Hans Christian Lyngbye and his Travel to the Faroe Islands in 1817. On the 9th of June in 1817, the Danish theologian, botanic and natural historian, Hans Christian Lyngbye (1782-1837) put ashore in the Faroe Islands. His missionRead More

River Skorá

Faroes – Things tend to find different rhythms on their own out here in the Atlantic Ocean. The sober and quiet, sometimes seemingly phlegmatic pace characterizing the islanders and their environment, can without further ado turn into frantic action-packed activity. ARead More

Sørvágsvatn / Leitisvatn

Faroes – It goes without saying that a country, where it rains as much and frequently as it certainly does in the Faroes, must have a number of freshwater lakes. Due to the islands’ geological configuration, its steep hills and mountains,Read More

The Eider

Faroes – The Faroes are a seabird country. Magnificent bird cliffs where fulmars, guillemots and similar birds whirl before landing on narrow ledges, provide excellent and dramatic images. This is the country of puffins with grassy hillsides sloping towards the sea,Read More

Natural Dye

Faroes – One of mankind’s most distinctive features is that we are able to change and improve our appearance. This characteristic has a multitude of quite different expressions, most of which have to do with our clothes, the materials, design andRead More