Europa 2018 – Hardanger Bridge


Norway – The Hardanger Bridge is not just Norway’s longest suspension bridge – it is also the eighth longest bridge of its type in the entire world. The main span is an impressive 30 m longer than that of the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. 

The Hardanger Bridge is one of the most spectacular bridge projects in Norway’s history. The towers reach 200 m above sea level, and the maximum deck height is 55 m. The Hardanger Bridge is a two-lane suspension bridge and has a separate lane for pedestrians and cyclists. It is the first Norwegian bridge to use shock absorbers. With a main span of 1,310 m and a total length of 1,380 m, the bridge is the eighth longest suspension bridge in the world. Before the completion of the Hardanger Bridge, the Askøy Bridge, with a main span of 850 m, was Norway’s longest suspension bridge. 

The towers of the Hardanger Bridge measure in at 201.5 m, making the construction the tallest on Norway’s mainland, aside from antenna masts. The span of the bridge is also the longest in the world for a two-lane bridge, and there is a 3.25 m-wide pedestrian and cycling lane next to the lanes for vehicular traffic. At the middle of its span, the bridge can swing as much as seven metres from side to side. 

The bridge cost NOK 2.3 billion to build and is intended to reduce the driving time between the east coast and the west coast. It officially opened for traffic on 17 August 2013 and replaced the ferry connection between Bruravik in Ulvik Municipality and Brimnes in Eidfjord.