Reflections – World Landscapes


France – La Poste issues a booklet of 12 self-adhesive postage stamps at the rate of the priority letter for letters up to 20 g destined for France. These are illustrated with sumptuous landscapes that can be seen throughout the world.

Our astonishment at the reliefs, the vegetation, the aridity, the luxuriance of these views is doubled by the fact that reality is reflected on a body of water. This one is so quiet that the mirror effect is disturbed in nothing and that turning the image it is difficult to know where is the reality and where is its reflection. It is the line of texts that gives the meaning of the image. Some landscapes form with their reflections an image of a solid block, which almost leads us to see an abstract painting.

Twelve countries are represented, and thus almost every continent: South America with Bolivia and Chile, North America with the USA, Africa with Egypt, Tanzania and Botswana, Europe with France, Italy and Denmark with its part located in Greenland, Asia with Indonesia, Madagascar and Japan.All the landscapes which illustrate these stamps, except that of Bali, were taken at sunrise: that light of dawn or of morning, that of the beginning of the day. … All the mornings of the world!

The year 2017 has been proclaimed by the United Nations as “the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development”. These stamps illustrated with the natural riches of the Earth are proposed as vectors of our exchanges. La Poste, anxious to respect the environment, both ecological and human, conveys this message.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 09.01.2017
Designer: (c) LA POSTE, Créations originales et mise en page Sylvie Patte Tanguy Besset
Process: Héliogravure
Size: 256 x 54 mm