150th Ann of the Franciscan monastery reconstruction on Humac


Bosnia & Herzegovina – On April 4th 1867 the bishop father An?eo Kraljevi? blessed the foundation stone of the reconstructed Franciscan monastery on Humac. The monastery is not only the heir to the medieval monastery St. Katherine
in Ljubuški but also an oasis of religious, educational, cultural, social and historical remembrance. Historical documents testify that Franciscans in today’s Herze- govina are present almost eight centuries. The famous archeologist, explorer and historian father Petar Bakula writes: Herzegovinian mission (Franciscan province), takes the place amongst the first missions in the Fran- ciscan order. It came into existence in the first 20 years after the foundation of the well-known „Order by mis- sionary ventures“. According to this, Franciscans had arrived to this area in 1231. During centuries the num- ber of Franciscans has been increasing and monaster- ies, churches and other sacral objects were being built.

After the Ottoman incursion, the demolition of the St. Katherine monastery and other sacral objects had fol- lowed and surviving Franciscans sheltered themselves in Zaostrog. From then up to 1702, and thereon from Kreševo worked on the spiritual upbringing of the Hu- mac area. In 1867 they had begun with the reconstruc- tion of the Franciscan monastery on Humac that to this day joins its history and presence, building and upbring- ing a future in which it will surely in immense steps continue a powerful, educational, pilgrimage, economi- cal and tourist development, preserving the wealth of tradition and a healthy nature. (Friar Andrija Niki?)

Issue Date: 04.05.2017
Designer: Magdalena Džini? Hrka?
Printer: Zrinski d.d. ?akovec
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