Coupe de France 1917 – 2017


France – The Coupe de France is not its age. Yet it is a hundred years old. Founded in 1917 to honor the memory of Charles Simon, founder of the French Interfederal Committee, ancestor of the FFF, fell to the front in 1915, the “Old Lady” is the dean of the competitions of the hexagonal football.

The only one, of all sports, to have crossed without interruption all the epochs, all the fashions, all the wars, without ever losing foot. Born to the sound of the canon, in full world conflict, it owes its longevity to its creative father, the visionary Henri Delaunay. The former Secretary General of the FFF inscribed in his DNA the genome of success.

The French Cup is open to all FFF-affiliated clubs without distinction, and is the most welcoming competition in French sport: 48 formations were on the starting line in 1917 against 7,290 clubs engaged for this anniversary edition. With its formula of direct elimination and its procession of “surprises” which gives pride to the amateurs, the secular test cultivates the suspense. Every season, a “Little Thumb” becomes gigantic and creates in its wake a true jubilation popular.

Its legend has been embellished over the 100 editions, won by 33 different clubs, boasting records, anecdotes, memorable actions, the best sports performances, in victories and sometimes even in defeats. The French Cup is OM, Calais, PSG, Saint-Étienne, El-Biar, Racing Club de Paris or Quevilly … The Coupe de France is much more than a journey in nostalgia, much more than A sporting event. Monument to our national heritage, it is hailed in the final by all presidents of the Republic without exception since 1927. A centenary and popular monument. The Cup of all the French.

The visual of the stamp evokes a composite team of old and more contemporary footballers with color jerseys reminiscent of the major clubs that have marked the Coupe de France, such as Marseille, Saint-Etienne, Paris, Nantes.

The Charles Simon trophy, very present on the visual, symbolizes the centenary of the French Football Cup.

Issue Date: 19.05.2017
Designer: Stéphane Humbert Basset
Process: Heliogravure
Size: 30 x 40.85 mm
Values: 0.73€