Denmark – A popular type of holiday home offering time for relaxation

Around a quarter of a million Danes own summerhouses, and many more dream of buying one for themselves someday. The opportunity to enjoy delightful family get-togethers and relaxing days in harmony with nature has made the summerhouse a popular type of holiday home, because what could be better than lazing on the terrace and soaking up the sun? Even though the design, furnishing and size of the summerhouse has chan- ged almost beyond recognition over the years, the purpose has remained the same: spending time close to nature, enjoying the fresh air and – above all – taking time to relax. The five stamps present examples of new and old summerhouses from Danish summerhouse areas.

Issue Date: 15.06.2017
Designer: PostNord Stamps/Ella Clausen
Illustrator: Camilla Konradsen
Printer: Cartor
Process: Offset
Colours: 4
Size: 26.5 x 36.6 mm
Values: 8 DKK