Europa 2020 – Set Mint – Set

The Route: Klaksvík – Viðareiði One of the most challenging postal routes on land was Klaksvík – Viðareiði, requiring hardy mail carriers to vanquish one of the most inaccessible mountain areas in the Faroe Islands. Postman Jákup’s Demise On NovemberRead More

Europa 2020 – Ancient Postal Routes, Mail Ships

Europa stamps, bearing the official logo, are issued every year by the members of PostEurop, the trade association which represents the interests of European public postal operators.  Each year a theme is set for members to interpret and illustrate onRead More

Steamboat La Suisse, AG uncirculated – Silver Coin

Swissmint – “La Suisse” steamboat”Swiss steamships” series When the ship was commissioned by the Sulzer brothers in 1908, the Belle Époque euphoria in Switzerland had just peaked. The “La Suisse” paddle-wheel steamship was to become the largest and most elegantRead More

2018 Wahine 50 Anniversary

New Zealand – When the Wahine departed Lyttelton Harbour at 8.40pm on 9 April 1968, there were 734 passengers and crew on board. The overnight voyage to Wellington was nothing new to Captain HG Robertson: the often-turbulent Cook Strait wasRead More

Sailing Ships – Albania & Atlas

Aland – Albania: Featuring full-rigged clipper Albania, the stamp is part of a 6-year sailing ship series that also includes stamps featuring the schooner Leo and the barquentine Lemland (2015), the brig Altai and the barque Pehr Brahe (2016) andRead More

Maritime Malta Series V – Vessels

About Maritime Malta Series V – Vessels of the Order The fifth issue from the Maritime Malta series consists of three stamps which feature vessels dating back to the Order of St John.Towards the beginning of the 18th century, theRead More

#TBT – Nordic II – Rescue Service

Iceland – Search and rescue services constitute the theme of the 2012 Norden stamps. For centuries, Icelandic fishermen have lived with the dangers of the sea. Many lives have been lost in the struggle with the forces of nature. TheRead More

150th Anniversary of the Tune Viking Ship Finds

Norway – 150 years have passed since the first Viking ship was excavated in Norway. Archaeologist Oluf Rygh excavated the Tune ship in only 14 days from the ship burial mound in Tune. Archaeologist Even Ballangrud Andersen describes the ship: “TheRead More

Sailing Ships – Mariehamn & Mermerus

Aland -On 2 February 2017, the third stamp issue of Åland Post’s Sailing ship series documenting the Åland sailing ship era appears. Artist and captain Allan Palmer has painted the magnificent motifs depicting the barque Mariehamn and the full-rigged clipperRead More

1st Edition Alderney and Burhou Map

Alderney – Gifted architect Addison Roger Warren, known as Roger among family and friends, arrived on Alderney in the Bailiwick of Guernsey in 1956 with his wife and two young daughters. His talent and foresight would see him help toRead More