Europa 2020 – Set

The race is arranged every year in June in commemoration of the hazardous postal journeys and hardships of the farmer-postmen as they conveyed the mail between Sweden and Åland for almost 400 years. The issue is part of the PostEuropRead More

Europa 2020 – Ancient Postal Routes, Mail Ships

Europa stamps, bearing the official logo, are issued every year by the members of PostEurop, the trade association which represents the interests of European public postal operators.  Each year a theme is set for members to interpret and illustrate onRead More

2018 Wahine 50 Anniversary

New Zealand – When the Wahine departed Lyttelton Harbour at 8.40pm on 9 April 1968, there were 734 passengers and crew on board. The overnight voyage to Wellington was nothing new to Captain HG Robertson: the often-turbulent Cook Strait wasRead More

Legendary Race Cars- Ferrari 156

Monaco – It was thanks to the Ferrari 156, a single-seater F1 car, that American Phil Hill was crowned world champion in 1961, with the Ferrari team also securing the world constructors’ title. That year, the second driver of theRead More

Cars of Yesteryear IV

Luxembourg – This “Packard Standard Eight 833” was delivered to Buenos Aires, Argentina on June 27, 1931. It was then exported to Europe, was first registered in Austria and was finally purchased by its present Luxembourg owner. Issue Date:05.12.2017 Designer:MarkRead More

Norwegian Cars

Norway – In total, 13 different Norwegian car manufacturers have thrown their hat in the ring between 1906 and today. Four of these cars have now become stamps. Mustad “The Giant”, 1917 Hans Clarin Hovind Mustad from Gjøvik built theRead More

Oldtimer Cars

Hungary – Magyar Posta is issuing a stamp of oldtimer cars that were once popular and are now increasingly rare. The miniature sheet was designed by the graphic designer István Weisenburger and 60,000 copies were produced by the banknote printing companyRead More

Collection Cars

Romfilatelia dedicates to vintage automobile enthusiasts the postage stamp issue Collection cars. The passion for the rare four wheel beauties of Mr Ion Tiriac turned into a real gallery dedicated to vintage cars. The only personal gallery that we find openRead More

Swiss Railway Stations

Switzerland – The journey continues  The second series of de nitive stamps under the heading “Swiss railway stations” covers requirements for midi letters (A and B Mail), large letters (B Mail), and standard letters sent to addresses in Europe. TheRead More

#TBT – 100 Years of Powered Flight

Gibraltar – The set celebrates 100 years of powered flight. The stamps feature the Wright Flyer (Kitty Hawk) airplane, flown by Orville Wright, officially the first powered flight on 17th December 1903, recognized by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale as “theRead More

150 Years of the Brenner Railway

Austria – One of the most important links from Germany to Italy via Austria is the railway line over the Brenner Pass, the standard gauge Brenner railway. On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of its opening in August 1867, AustrianRead More

Vintage Cars

Denmark – This year’s prestige booklet showcases the powerhouse years of the 1950s and 1960s when Danes seriously started buying cars. The booklet focuses on three cars distinctive of the period: the BMW Isetta 300, VW 12 De Luxe andRead More

200th Anniversary of the Draisine Bicycle

Bosnia and Herzegovina – History records various examples of vehicles that are powered by human strength so the discovery of bicycle cannot be tied to the name of a particular inventor. The German baron Karl von Drais is mentioned asRead More