Charming Towns


Spain – Like the previous year, Correos issues this series to highlight the variety of charming villages that draw the geography of our country and in this way, help spread the wonders that hide in these places. It is a foldable booklet, simulating the strips of old postcards, folded in bellows format, where the back of the stamp is also printed as if it were the back of a card. This fold-out consists of four self-adhesive labels plus a vignette.

The towns chosen in this occasion are: Aínsa, Calatayud, Lastres and Ureña.

Aínsa, in the province of Huesca, was declared Historic-Artistic Ensemble in 1965. Strolling through its streets is a delight that takes you to the Middle Ages. Its castle, the wall with its doors, the Plaza Mayor or the church of Santa Maria that dates from the XII century and that was declared a National Monument, make of this locality a desired destination to disconnect from the world. The stamp shows the image of the Plaza Mayor with its typical facades and the tower of the Collegiate church in the background.

Calatayud Celtiberian, Roman and Arab city that among other important historical landmarks, became the first democratic city council of Spain. In the image that collects the stamp you can see a view of the city with the Castle of Ayud, the main of those who formed the Islamic fortified ensemble, in the background.

Lastres is an Asturian town, which before becoming famous for hosting the running of a television series, was already famous because of its many charms. Belonging to the council of Colunga, it houses one of the most famous port prints in Asturias. The fishing boats with the stepped bottom of a beautiful marine town, make up one of the most representative images of the maritime essence of the region. The stamp shows a detail of its popular architecture.

The town of Urueña has the privilege of being, at present, the municipality that boasts the walled perimeter better conserved of all the vallisoletana province. Castle, walls, the Church of the Annunciation, the Church of the Azogue, the different museums and, above all, the natural landscape that surrounds it, offer to the visitor many possibilities to enjoy the place. The stamp represents the green and brown of its fields crowned by the walled castle.

Issue Date: 16.04.2017
Process: Offset
Size: 57.6 x 40.9 mm
Values: Tarifa A