12 Months, 12 Stamps – Asturias


Spain – Asturias is the protagonist of a new stamp of the series released this year by Correos, 12 months, 12 stamps and will be used as the only type of postage for all shipments admitted in the post offices of these provinces.

This stamp, follows the line of the previous ones and is represented by the letters A, that represents the old license plates of vehicles in Spain.

Within the letters, you can see significant elements of this land.

The casina or Asturian mountain cow, native breed. This breed has been integrated since time immemorial into the Asturian landscape and ecosystem and its milk gives rise to many of the rich Asturian cheeses.

Don Pelayo, first king of the kingdom of Asturias that stopped the entrance of the Muslims in the north and began the Reconquista. It is a symbol in Asturias and they say of him that he carried the cross, that today is conserved in the Cross of the Victory, in the battle of Covadonga.

The bridge of Cangas de Onís, is a postcard typical of this province, of medieval origin, famous for its peraltado arch, is declared Historic Artistic Monument. From its central arch hangs a reproduction of the Cross of Victory.

Naranjo de Bulmes or Urriellu Peak, located in the Central Massif of the Picos de Europa. It is 2,519 meters high and is one of the favourite peaks for hikers and trekkers.

The protagonists of the Asturian gastronomy, the cider and the fabada, satisfy the palate of locals and visitors of this land. In Asturias there are more than 500 types of apple, and of its juice, leaves this elixir that is drunk with rite and ceremony. La fabada, made with local beans and quality sausage, is simmered in Asturian kitchens.

And the madreña, typical shoe in the form of a clog, made of a single stone in wood, suitable for muddy and muddy roads typical of the rainy climate of Asturias.

The blue color of the lower strip recalls the flag of the province.

Issue Date: 16.05.2017
Process: Offset
Size: 35 x 24,5 mm
Values: Tarifa A