Orjaku Leading Light Lighthouses


Estonia – The Orjaku leading light lighthouses are located on the southern coast of Hiiu County by Jausa Bay and signal a safe fairway to Orjaku Port. The lighthouses made of mounted reinforced concrete rings were built in Orjaku in 1962 and their shape resembled those of the ones built in accordance with standard pre-war projects. There is a black vertical stripe on the front of the white navigation aids. The foremost lighthouse is 10 m tall and the light is 13 m above sea level. The rearmost lighthouse is 536 m away from the other one, stands 16 m tall, and the light is 23 m above sea level. The rearmost lighthouse is equipped with a round sector light. The lights of the lighthouses were initially fuelled by acetylene but then connected to the main power supply. By 2010, the lights had been replaced by more modern ones. The navigation aids that will turn 55 years old in 2017 have been classified as light beacons. Orjaku has now become a tourist port that can accept seagoing vessels with draughts up to 3.5 m. There is a nature trail with an observation tower 1 km from the port.

Issue Date: 08.09.2017
Designer: Roman Matkiewicz
Printer: AS Vaba Maa
Process: Offset
Colours: 4 Colours
Size: 27,5 x 33,0 mm
Values: €0.65