Schlierbach Cheese

Austria – Quite literally “award-winning cheese” is produced in the Schlierbach Monastery cheese dairy in the heart of Upper Austria, and Austrian Post is celebrating it with a commemorative stamp in the “Classic trademarks” series. The design on the stamp showsRead More

650 Years of Gold and Silversmiths

Austria Technical Details Issue Date: 08.05.2017 Designer: Charlotte Schwarz Printer: Joh. Enschedé Stamps B.V Process: Offset / MEtallfolien-Heißprägung

Austrian Wine Regions – Vienna

Austria – It is not the city itself, but the wine produced there that is the focus of this commemorative stamp from the “Austrian wine regions” series: the Gemischte Satz – or, to be more precise, the Wiener Gemischte Satz DACRead More

Typewriter- Peter Mitterhofer- (Set)

Austria – In the “Austrian Inventions” series, Austrian Post is this time celebrating Peter Mitterhofer, who made the first typewriter in the 1860s, with a commemorative stamp. Peter Mitterhofer was born in 1822 in Partschins in South Tyrol. After learning theRead More

Falco’s 60th Birthday

Austria – The most successful Austrian musician of the modern age would have turned 60 this year. For this reason, Austrian Post is dedicating a commemorative stamp to the exceptional artist, Falco. Falco was born Johann Hölzel on 19th February 1957Read More

Birthday Party

Austria – Many happy returns of the day! A lively birthday party is depicted on this puzzle stamp mini sheet issued by Austrian Post as part of the “comic stamp puzzle” series – a unique way of franking party invitations orRead More


Austria – One of the largest and heaviest instruments in an orchestra is the harp, which is being presented on this commemorative stamp from the “Musical Instruments ” series. It is included in the string instruments.  All harps, regardless of theRead More

Margherita Spiluttini

Austria – One of Austrias best-known photographers, the artist from Salzburg, Margherita Spiluttini, is being presented on a commemorative stamp in the “Photographic art in Austria” series. The stamp shows a black and white photograph of the Hochtannberg in summer fromRead More

150 years of Carnival in Villach

Austria – On Shrove Tuesday 1867 a successful parade involving hundreds of costumed participants came to an end in the Carinthian city of Villach, and with it the famous Villach Carnival was born. Austrian Post is celebrating the 150th anniversary withRead More