La Massana Comic 2017

Andorra France – As every year, and since 1997, a festival of comics is held in the Principality of Andorra in La Massana. “La Massana Còmic 2017” celebrates the 20th anniversary of the festival. Fans of comics and other visitors canRead More

Symphony of Tulips, Pitesti

Romania – The “Symphony of Tulips” is the most important social-cultural, artistic, sporting and commercial manifestation for the Pitesti municipality. This spring, Romfilatelia dedicates the postage stamp issue Symphony of Tulips, to the city of Pitesti and its main manifestation. TheRead More

Isle of Man Festivals

Isle of Man – This colourful miniature sheet is a celebration of the Isle of Man’s rich cultural heritage, with each stamp dedicated to festival which inspires and entertains. The release of this miniature sheet is to coincide with the 125thRead More

Passover Haggadah- Kibbutz Artzi

Israel –Hundreds of different Passover Haggadahs have been designed at kibbutzim, by kibbutz movements, pioneer trainings, youth groups tied to the kibbutz movement, in Hebrew military units that operated in Eretz Israel during WWII, by groups of those uprooted inRead More

Israel-Portugal Joint Issue- Dolphin Research

Israel – The diplomatic relations between Israel and the Portuguese Republic developed in stages. An Israeli consulate was first opened in Lisbon in the late 1950’s. After the Carnation Revolution in Portugal in April 1974, this was upgraded to aRead More

Jerusalem- 50 Years of Reunification

Israel –The year 2017 marks fifty years since the unification of Jerusalem. The 50th anniversary of unified Jerusalem is a local, national and global event that is meaningful for the State of Israel, for the Jewish people around the worldRead More

Memorial Day 2017 – Israel

Israel-The letter card, cover and stamp – all of which are special and unique to Memorial Day – constitute the basis of a sensitive, original and extraordinary tradition that came into being following the War of Independence. Since Memorial DayRead More

50 Years of Settling the (Golan)

Israel – Since its earliest days, settling the land was at the forefront of Zionist activity in Eretz Israel and great efforts were made to acquire land and build communities throughout the country. The moshavot (agricultural colonies) established by immigrantsRead More

Crafts – Ironworker Art

France – This stamp of the series “Métiers d’art” follows the two stamps issued in 2016, the “stone sculptor” and the “jeweler”. This series aims to highlight various crafts in France and the rare, traditional or innovative craftsmanship. This craft combinesRead More

Easter 2017

Croatia – Food Blessing  On the Easter Saturday afternoon, during the evening of Resurrection or the Easter morning, it is nice to watch dotted groups of people with covered baskets gather around churches to one of Dul?i?’s beats and tunes. However,Read More