Europa 2020– Roman Carriage C – Set

In ancient Roman times the territory of present-day Slovenia became a junction and crossroads of several busy and highly important routes – the Roman roads connecting western and coastal areas with the interior and providing a rapid connection to neighbouringRead More

World Bee Day

Slovenia – In December 2017, in response to an initiative from Slovenia, the United Nations unanimously proclaimed 20 May as World Bee Day. This was the culmination of a several-year campaign by the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry andRead More

100 Years of the Fala Hydropower Plant

Slovenia – Construction of the rst hydropower plant on the river Drava began in 1913. This was the Fala hydropower plant, which was at the same time the biggest hydropower plant in the Eastern Alps. Until 1918, when the FalaRead More

Sport – Athletics World Championships, London

Slovenia – The World Championships in Athletics, which are taking place in London, will be marked by a stamp with a face value of €1.15, issued in a sheetlet of six stamps. Issue Date: 26.05.2017 Process: Offset Colours: 4 Size: 42.60 x 29.82 mm, Values: EUR 1.15

Slovene Ships – Maribor

Slovenia – In May we continue with the Slovene Ships series, which this time features the passenger ship Maribor. Like all the stamps in this series, the stamp will be issued in a miniature sheet and will have a face value of €1.15.Read More

Europa 2017 – Reichenburg Castle

Castles are the latest theme of the stamps in the Europa series. The two Slovene stamps, with face values of €0.97 and €1.26 respectively, will show the castles in Sevnica and Brestanica. Once again they will be issued in two sheetlets of eight stamps andRead More

Definitives 2017 – Triglav A

Slovenia – Two new de nitive stamps will also be issued, in rolls. Among other things these will be destined for sale in Pošta Slovenije’s stamp vending machines. Issue Date: 26.05.2017 Process: Offset Colours: 4 Size: 30.00 x 25.00 mm Values: A, B

Maria Theresa – 300th Anniversary of her Birth

Slovenia – Slovenia are commemorating the tercentenary of the birth of Maria Theresa by issuing a joint commemorative stamp block with Austria, Croatia & Hungary. The stamp was designed by the Slovenian artist Svetlana Milijaševic and 60,000 copies were produced by ANYRead More

Tourism- Mežica Mine

Slovenia – Under Mount Peca by train, on foot, by bike and by kayak Slovenia participates very successfully in the EU tourism initiative known as EDEN, which stands for “European Destinations of Excellence”. Thanks to this initiative, the EU is seeing the emergence of aRead More

Fossil Mammals in Slovenia – Cave Lion

Slovenia – The cave lion (Panthera leo spelaea) was almost certainly the terror of other Ice Age creatures, thanks to its size and bloodthirsty nature. Its remains have been found across almost the whole of Europe and the remains of caveRead More

Flora – Roses

Slovenia – The apothecary’s rose (Rosa gallica ‘Officinalis’) is the only rose variety to have survived the cultural destruction that swept western Europe at the end of antiquity. Since it was practically theonly red rose in gardens in the MiddleRead More

Greetings Stamp – Miniature Painted Chest

Slovenia – Love… kept safely in a box Over the centuries people in Slovenia have traditionally used at least three different types of chest. Large ones were used to store clothes and various valuable items. The most numerous kind wereRead More

Chinese Horoscope – The Year of the Rooster

Slovenia – The character for the rooster is found even in the earliest forms of Chinese writing – in inscriptions on turtle shells dating from between the fourteenth and eleventh centuries BC. Because the rooster has been present in ChineseRead More

Prominent Personalities – Fran Milcinski

Slovenia – For more than a century, humour in Slovenia has been inseparably connected with the surname Milcinski – a surname we will be hearing a lot of this year, since 3 December 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of the birth,Read More